Story behind two blue ticks. 

“Should I send it now? Or not?” 

“I think, I should!”  Ummm.. “Or what if?” 

Ummm.. I think, I should! 

But, “what if he doesn’t respond? ”

Last time also this happened. There were two blue ticks, but he didn’t replied. 

“Is he ignoring me?” 

“He don’t like me or what?” 

“Am I bothering him? ”

“Should I stop texting him? ”

“Am I behaving like a foolish, desperate person?” 

“But why am I doing so? ”

“Why am so desperate? Why can’t I control myself? ”


Ummmm… “Let me send it. What would he do at the most? He won’t reply….  or what if he replies this time! Maybe.. He might change his mind this time. And we could be friends again. Yes!! I think I should send it now… Ummm… Huh…. 





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